• Pendaftaran Masuk MPRK 2017

    Pendaftaran masuk MPRK untuk tahun 2017 akan dibuka pada bulan April sampai dengan Juni 2017, untuk info detilnya silahkan hubungi…

Kami sediakan informasi yang mungkin berguna bagi siapa saja yang ingin melanjutkan studi ke jenjang S2, mengembangkan kapasitas personalnya sesuai dengan minat atau pekerjaan yang sedang ditekuni, atau yang sedang sibuk mencari pekerjaan. Semua informasi di sini akan terus terbaharui.

Beasiswa dan Training

Alamat website di bawah ini berisi informasi beasiswa pendidikan S2 di dalam maupun di luar negeri.

1. Beasiswa Sekolah Pascasarjana


2. Beasiswa LPDP


3.Program Bantuan Pendidikan untuk Calon Guru Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018 Universitas Sampoerna
info: sampoernauniversity.ac.id/beasiswa-calon-guru

Download (PDF, 902KB)

4. International Training

The International Training on Dialogue and Mediation (ITDM), sponsored by the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University and The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation,is a 10-day training seminar designed to bring together researchers, practitioners and policymakers to share knowledge, build capacity and strengthen networks for dialogue within the overall effort of sustaining peace. Peter Wallensteen, one of the world’s leading peace researchers and a key faculty member of both the Kroc Institute and Uppsala University, is one of the founders of the ITDM.


Scheduled for June 7-17 this year in Uppsala, Sweden, the training covers most expenses, including international travel.  Applications are due March 15, and require a nomination from an “employer, equivalent leader or other professional reference.”  Kroc alumni are encouraged to apply, and to share the opportunity with other colleagues who could benefit from this intensive training.


Eligibility:  The training specifically targets practitioners, policymakers and researchers from international and regional organisations, civil society and universities with a particular focus on the use of dialogue in building and sustaining peace in developing countries and territories eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA). It is primarily designed for team leaders, senior and junior political advisors and other support personnel engaged in various peace efforts and with prior professional experience in the field of peace and security. The training programme will include 20 participants and aims at equal gender representation.For more information, a brochure (PDF) and application and nomination forms, see:  http://pcr.uu.se/education/international-training-on-dialogue-and-mediation/